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REGX32 - Ultra-Man Digital Manometer
  • Differential Digital Manometer Resolution to 0.003 mbar. 
  • Switchable beween high and low resolution. 
  • Switchable between mbar, Pa, hPa, kPa, mmHg, mmH2O, inH2O and PSI. 
  • Data hold and max/min recording. 
  • Automated Tightness Testing. 
  • Infra-red optional printer available?(REGXA55). 
  • Temperature compensated for superior accuracy.
  • The Regin Premier Ultra-man is temperature compensated to minimise the “drift” in readings which can occur when electronic manometers are subject to temperature changes, e.g. when taken from a cold van into a warm building. 
  • Manual logging and auto logging. 
  • The Ultra-man can log up to 250 readings manually or automatically.
  • The user can adjust the logging interval. Let-by, Stabilisation and Tightness Tests.
  • The Ultra-man can perform timed Let-by, Stabilisation and Tightness Tests which are automatically logged in the memory. The user can adjust the duration of each test.
  • Printouts.
  • The Ultra-man has an infra-red output to an optional printer, (REGXA55). ‘Live’, ‘held’ and ‘logged’ readings can be printed. Printouts include date, time and a ‘header’ which can be set by the user. 
  • The Regin Premier Ultra-man has an integral protective boot which contains a powerful limpet magnet.
  • Supplied with pouch, connecting hose, calibration report, battery and manual.

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