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REGH150 - Inspection Hatch - 100x150mm

Regin Inspection Hatches

  • Regin’s range of hinged plastic inspection hatches provide a simple, low cost, high quality solution for access to building services in walls and ceilings. The plastic access panels are produced from refined high impact plastic, injection moulded into a slim profile frame, with smooth rounded corners.
  • This provides a lightweight solution, enabling easy and rapid installation into all types of wall or ceiling construction.
  • They are available in seven sizes:
  • REGH150 - 100x150mm
  • REGH150L- 150x150mm
  • REGH200 - 200x200mm
  • REGH230 - 150x230mm
  • REGH300 - 300x300mm
  • REGH350 - 350x350mm
  • REGH450 - 450x450mm
  • The plastic access panels provide the perfect solution for access to services.
  • They are suitable for access to: Non fire rated flue inspection hatches Plumbing & Central Heating services Electric switches and concealed controls, alarm & CCTV devices, wiring and services
  • The plastic inspection hatch is produced from UV stable ABS, the white finish will not discolour, however the surface is finely textured to accommodate a paint or wallpaper finish if required. 
  • The 25mm picture frame corners are rounded for an added safety feature. The push fit lock hinged plastic access cover door can be opened with a flathead screwdriver or a coin and is easily removed from the frame without tools, if needed. Install using a suitable adhesive and simply push into place.

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